How to save water

As we learn more and more about the ecological problems our planet is facing, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to conserve our natural resources. When we recycle, use less petroleum products and household chemicals, and purchase environmentally friendly products, we are making an investment in our planet’s future. Another way to have a [...]

Green cleaning your home

There are so many things we can do personally to live a greener lifestyle and help protect the environment. Most of these things are common sense, like recycling and driving less. But there is one way that many people are contributing to the pollution of our planet, and most aren’t even aware of it: household [...]

Top 10 ways to be green at home

All it takes is a little bit of imagination to create a green space that is your home. Get the family involved in making little changes that will do a lot of good. There is a multitude of choices to make about climate control, energy utilization, food preparation and making sure that yours is a [...]